One of the major problems for those who have suffered a TBI and their families is that they are unsure, or unaware, of their rights and/or the service available to them.  There is a need for well qualified individuals who understand the intricacies of TBI and can help to obtain the appropriate services.

To That End..

We have created training programs for the following;

Advocacy Specialists

These individuals assist brain injury survivors and their families and interested parties in navigating the often unwieldly and resistant bureaucracy encountered when working for the rights of individuals with brain injury disabilities.

Advocacy specialists also facilitate advocacy training and support workshops to assist in developing advocacy strategies as well as provide advocacy information packets to attendees. Advocacy packets provide, among other things, a list of advocacy resources and guidance.

Investigative Specialists

These individuals work with individuals with TBI, and their families, to identify when their rights have been violated. They work to obtain/restore that rights and benefits being denied.